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:complain: Hi all.
just logged on to the forum.
After reading some of the rants/ praises, i feel i should write.
Had a good time, but on hearing of the things going on (vinnies, beer tent, caravans etc) i had a horrible feeling, Billing as i knew it seems dead.
Gone are the days when you could leave your tent/ caravan without a padlock on!
Woke up on thursday morning, and agroup of people, not just on "my door step" parked right infront of the tent! once organised were fairly quiet, once our group had gone to oggle at posh motors, a friend returned to find their kids jumping on not one but two of our groups motors! Boy racers every night, with a friends kids trying to sleep, noisy youths hoading round vinnies and the surrounding area, untill gone midnight. Great!!!!
Then on the saturday night, my girlfriend was indecently assulted by a group of youths!
What the f**k! This is meant to be a family event! Its been taken over by local idiots with "suped up" shopping carts annoying us all! And the local "pikeys" having caravans on site!
I dont know if im going again, i doubt it very much!
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