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BLOWER motor and resisitor questions?

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hi there,

so standard blower issues here, with a twist... 1995 discovery v8

blower didnt work on settings 1 thru 4, however i can hear the relay clicking away... I pulled the motor out the other day from under the dash and pulled the check cap off and it was rusted and toasted inside. tested it on the battery and it sparked and didnt work till I spun it by hand, at which point it caught on and ran like ****.

so i need a new one, got that much.

I tested the voltage going directly to the motor and I am getting 12.4ish volts on settings all settings (besides off)... shouldn't the resistor be limiting the voltage the slower the setting or am i missing something?

Could this mean that the resistor is toast, or would I just get no voltage then? Or maybe someone previous to me bypassed the resistor if it was bad?

let me know what you guys think.

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Any ideas? Weekend before Christmas bump!
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