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Borla Exhaust

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I just purchased a used Borla Exhaust from ebay for $300.00. It has less than 5k miles on it and it looks still new. I am very excited!!
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I got it from ebay. I have attached the pic of it. It is usually sells $800 from AB and this owner got it from them and sold the range rover.
Full cat back exhaust with manderel bend pipe and stainless steel mid muffler with stainless steel tip.
I will let you all know how it is after install.
Borla Exhaust Installed

WOW!!! What a difference.
First of all, the car must have shed about 100lbs of steel from the OEM muffler, pipe andresonator.
Borla exhaust system is light. Fitted perfect. Gives a better undercarriage clearance than the OEM. Shiny muffler and pipe that will outlast the vehicle!
Sound? It is amazing how much throaty sound that one muffler and pipe generates. It is not too loud but very throaty, deep powerful sound.
I have heard some of the cheap muffler sound but this sound speaks for itself.
I love it!! Seems the performance also improved in acceleration. I am going to monitor if the mileage is improved.
Serg, you are funny.

I have done lots of exhaust swap myself and this was the first time using borla. I have done superprint, magnaflow, and others in various vehicles. I am not sure I have gained any mileage but definaetly the joy of driving and listening to the rumble!
Seems my Rover is driving with ease than the stock muffler.
Not cheap!

Sometimes, there is auction at ebay, which I have purchased mine used with 5k miles on it for $300.00, but they are not cheap.
AB sells for $800.00 and other site I have seen lowerst was $700.00.
Good Luck! :drink1:
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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