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Gday all , been reading ya posts about bleeding procedures and I liked the idea of cracking the lines on the abs unit to make sure all the air is out cause dammed if I can get my D1 auto 300tdi with abs to stop. I put in new caliper pistons and seals , new booster , new master cylinder . I bleed the master cylinder then bleed calipers furtherest to closest . First time round peddle went to floor good pressure coming out nipples test drive crap brakes .2nd time round bleed system using bottle hose , test drive still crap brakes , 3rd time round with bottle and brake peddle only goes down half way with nipple open but at least no air , test drive still crap , 4th time round crack master cylinder lines and pedal goes to floor thinking ok all good there start bleeding it all again . Brakes still crap. Took it for a spin down a gravel Rd hoping to get it to lock up and only just got the wheels to grab enough to feel the abs pump kick the pedal back a few times , at least it worked even though I had to stand up in my seat to get it to do it , also no anti lock light so wheel sensors are fine and fuses are good , even though down in here in Tasmania Australia some say rip the fuse out you'll get it to stop quicker. Anyway my question is without taking the risk of stripping the threads on the brake lines going into the abs unit as there are bugger all spares down here , would a pressure bleeder (air comp type) push the air out of the abs unit .Anyway cheers to all in advance for any extra know how ...
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