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Brake Caliper Leaking

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I did a full brake job pads and rotors, got everything back together except on driver side caliper when I was pushing the pistons back in one of them popped almost out and brake fluid squirted. Well I continued and got the piston back in and went for test drive, peddle would go to floor, I would have to pump to get a firm feel, stopped fine but if not pumped it would got to floor. Got back home knowing something wasn't right so inspected driver side and yep brake fluid all on the inside of wheel. So my thoughts are I didn't get piston gasket back in place correct or I have heard that I need to replace the caliper , what are some of the pros thoughts on this?
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Probably will have to re-re-build that one caliper. If the walls aren't scored, it's probably just the seal, as you thought.
Actually since it is a front caliper issue, you will need to rebuild or replace both front calipers to prevent pulling when braking and then do a 2 quart DOT 4 brake flush.
Thanks guys, yes I pretty much knew the answer just thought I would ask anyway and yes brake flush was next on the to do list, I'll do that after the caliper fixed.
This replacement job doesn't require some special caliper removal tool does it? Never know with these things!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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