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Brakes for Disco II

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It's time for brake pads and rotors for my 2000 Disco II. Any suggestions for
and experience with up grading to better pads and rotors from stock. I use the truck as part time daily driver and off road in the mountains of Western NC, East TN, KY, and N GA. I have added 2" lift and steel braided brake lines.
Looking for a little more stopping/holding power. Thanks for any help.
Disco II, '82 Series III, '62 IIa
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Akebono ceramic pads front and rear. You might call British Parts of Utah and see if he has received any more slotted and drilled rotors from the UK.
Front pad are a EUR 676
Rear pads are a EUR 493
Best place to buy them is E-Bay or Amazon
By the way there are two other brake lines that should also be replace if you want the best stoping power.


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Hey mike... Are those brake lines from bp Utah or where'd you get em. They look quality.

I also used akebono ceramics with great results. I used slotted and drilled ebc rotors. I think the rears were just drilled or slotted one of the two. I got mine from another member suggested. Got a good price for everything. My caliper bracket sliders were shot so I did all of it at once. I have used bp Utah and like them as well I think I did better at the general store with brand name stuff for brakes. I still use bputah.
I will have to look to see who is making them now, I know A.B. sells a full set not sure if they have the master cylinder set.
What are the "other two" brake lines that should be replaced?

Thank you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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