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brakes seem fine..

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So recently our '03 Disco II illuminated the ABS, the TC, the Brake and the HDC lights. Nothing seems amiss, and the code reader returns a Proprietary code. We certainly don't mind taking care of the Rover as it certainly takes care of us, but our nearest Land Rover dealer really isn't that near...Any suggestions as to why these lights are on and what best to do? it's got 133k+ miles on it and going strong and we'd like to keep it that way.
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Search the web or this forum for "Discovery 2 Three Amigos"... that is what you have.

Do the lights come on and stay on as soon as you start the truck, or do they come on and stay on as you are driving?
Try to stay away from the dealer if at all possible. If you can find someone with an ABS Amigo nearby, that little guy will read your ABS codes for you. Two most common issues are the shuttle valve and the sensors on the hubs themselves. Like RWilson said though, look up "Three Amigos" on the forum and start reading...
Thanks RWilson...will do. The lights come on when as you turn the truck on and they stay on.
And MaximumWarp...yup! sounds 'bout right! Thanks all.
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