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Break job

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Ive searched and can't find the answers I'm looking for, my truck has 75000 miles on the clock and I'm replacing front and possibly rear pads and rotors. I've done this on numerous types of vehicles but not a rover yet. So what do i need to know before I start? Like, special tools needed, or special parts. Do I need to remove axel nut to remove rotor, and special sockets for the caliper bolts or any bolts? Thanx in advance.
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Rotor is bolted to back of the hub with 12pt bolts, 14mm IIRC. Caliper has 2 12pt bolts, 13mm IIRC.
Use new RTC3511 hub seals. Bearings are Timken SET37, SKF BR37, *** KIT38 or National A-37
Get 4 new hub nut lockers in case yours can't be reused.
Hub nuts are 52mm.
Thnx for the info, do u think it needs bearings and seals with 75000 miles on it. It's. It leaking
Also how can I tell if the rotors need replacing, do they where fast on these trucks? I k ow our Volvo needed new ones up front at 60000 they were badly cupped
Aside from the normal visual checks, you can measure them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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