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So while my girl and I were in Reno this week, I decided to take my Rover on it's first off road excursion. The ground was a tad muddy and as I have never really off roaded before, I took itr easy. We had some fun in some very mild hills, but it was getting late and did not want to learn any lessons at sunset.

Went to the car wash and hosed her off. Noticed some grease on the right front wheel and did not think too much of it.Next day I was going to call Brian (Sideye on eBay, the guy that makes the bitchin' mud flaps I still need to install) to meet him. Well at a gas station I notice that my front right wheel has a LOT of grease on it.. crap.. :bawling: wheel bearing shot? So I take off the wheel center cap off and find the bearing cap off... gear oil everywhere... :bawling:

I am 275 miles from home.. with no tools and it's Saturday noon.. I call Brian and ask him who he knows in the area that can help me.. He says, "I can." I am 2 miles from a shop he is at. He is using it to disantel some Rovers. I show up shortly. Nice guy.. throws it up on the lift, takes the wheel off and tells me that he inner stub axle seal has gone bad and the centeter difff gear oil is not leaking out past the wheels bearing and out the wheel. Great.... :eek:

No one in town has the part.. it's Saturday.. the local Rover dealers is closed.. I need to be back the next night.. Brian says he has some used seals at home from a '89... I say that I thnk those are different. He says it will work. The nman has 25 years experience as a Master Tech.. I an open to anythign at this point.

He says he will fix it for me.... :clap: even though he has other things he needs to do. What a guy!!! His wife drives us to the Atlantis casino so we can have some lunch. I call AAA to get an idea of what it will cost to tow her back in case things don't work out. Even with my free 100 miles tow, it will still cost me $5 a mile for the rest of the 170 miles.. EEEK!!:eek:

Brian's wife comes and picsk us up 2 hours later. The seals did not fit, but he was able to shim the shaft and said the old seal was not dry. Brian is confident it will make it back.. All he wants for his 2 hours work is $75, I give him $100 and thank him profusely! :buttrock:

We head out the next day and make it back ok.. a little seepage , but no problems.. taking it in this week to get the new seal put in.

I can't tell you guys HOW LUCKY we were that Brian was around and that he helped me out. Mind you, I had never met the man, and he took 2 hours from a busy afternoon and helped me out. I am sooo grateful!! Thanks so much!!

Just wanted to share....


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Hi Serg, real lucky Brian was around :clap:
One note, have the brake pads checked for contamination.
My rear outer seal went and it was only noticed after I got my RR checked for uneven braking.
Nice to see you have used the car for what it was designed for.
However I'm a real coward and bought a 82 model for off roading.
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