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I've had a some Britpart chassis repair parts kicking around in storage that I bought a few years ago and had intended to use to repair the chassis on my Land Rover Series III 88", but I'm in the process of replacing the entire chassis with a new galvanized chassis and so will not be using them. These were all stored indoors and are in great condition with the exception of some chipped paint, but you're going to be grinding a bunch off in preparation for welding them to your chassis anyway.

Individual parts:

  • Gearbox Crossmember (missing the sticker, but believed to be #218453; SWB)
  • Front Tank Outrigger (#DA2019O; SWB; Right-hand side)
  • Front Tank Outrigger (sticker is same as above, but is crossed out because it's clearly for the opposite side, so must be #DA2019N; SWB; Left-hand side)
  • Spring Hanger (#DA2103; SWB)

$120 takes them all, but I'm completely willing to split these up if you don't need all of them ($65 for gearbox crossmember, $25 ea. for the tank outriggers, and $15 for the spring hanger). Shipping not included, naturally. If the prices don't sound right, make an offer.

UPDATE: The gearbox crossmember & spring hanger have sold, so $50 takes the rest or make an offer.
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