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Broken AGAIN! Need some advice before I lose my life savings

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Ok so I know the old joke about land rovers leaking but help me out on this one. I had my oil changed today and they told me the front and rear carriers are leaking (input and output seals). Along with my transfer case, and apparently the front is leaking pretty bad. I need some knowledge on this before I go into the stealership and lose all my money. I know some of it if not all of it will be covered under warranty but if ya'll could give me some idea of what price range Im looking at it would be appreciated. So far its been $5,100 in repairs and still going strong. Thank the lord for extended warranties. Ive also been told my steering wheel vibration at 70mph could be the rotoflex driveshaft in the front. Could all these problems be related and if they are is it from going off road or is this normal. I know NOTHING about service on these rovers. Thanks in advance for the replies.
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well my warranty company is picking up the tab, the question is will they pay for ALL the work. But the warranty has been a life saver so far. Hopefully the Range Rover I just bought wont treat me like the disco has. Driving a Rover is truly an addiction.
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