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Hey guys,

I'm working on building a 100" RR chassis / series body off-road toy over here in Western Canada.

Started with a 1978 Range Rover with a body that was rusted beyond "safe to drive". Got rid of the body, rebuilt the LT95, almost done rebuilding the axles, suspension and brakes to stock, like new, condition. Got a 4.2 v8 but my is heart set on a $$diesel$$. Chassis is still original except the rear crossmember is cut off. Have been collecting series parts for years got almost everything, plus some! That's about where I'm at.

Would be interested in tips for design and placement of firewall outriggers, rear cross member and other various mounting brackets on the chassis. Also any suggestions for how and where to make the body mods, 88 box lengthened or 109 box shortened?

Glad to see this forum is active, can't wait to here about and see pics of more hybrids.

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