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Busted front diff, I'm all confused now

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I used to own a D2 back in the States a good while back, last year I got me a '93 D1 200tdi as a second/work car. This car is like a full-time job, except instead the whole salary thing works all backwards :)
My question: front drive shaft has lots of play at both ends, LT230 needs to be rebuild and what should I do with the front diff? Sure I could get one from a junk yard in Lithuania or Poland or off eBay, but that would just be poor sportsmanship I think. What reasonable upgrades are there that deliver a good bang for the buck? KAM, ARB,i.e. locking, self-locking, enhanced ratios, 4.1 vs. 4.7, rebuild kits, there is way too much out there for me to make any sence of it. . .
Have people gone through such decision-making process?
I know one fellow who installed a P38 diff on an RRC for some good reason which I have since forgotten. But there was cutting, grinding and welding involved.
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