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New shape arrived in '81 at an 'A' reg in UK. Has the one you are looking at got the old vacuum diff switch, hi/low lever, four speed box and two-part doors? If it is also a V8, then you are looking at the very pinnacle of Land Rover development - downhill ever since! I am green with envy!

All the usual LR problems to look for at that age - chassis condition, bulkhead condition. Doors should be OK since there was nowhere for water to collect and anyway, split doors are cheaper to replace. Locks are bound to be knackered - I had four separate keys! Don't let the 4-speed box put you off, the range of ratios is almost the same as on a five-speed. Vacuum diff switch may not be working but is cheap and easy to fix - much easier to use and more reliable than the newer 'H' diff switch. Engine/gearbox/differentials need expert checking before purchase. A lot depends on the vehicle's history. Wish I had my old one from that era back, although I wouldn't be able to afford the petrol for the V8!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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