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buying a 98 Discovery - good deal?

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this is my 3rd post here and my brother is looking to buy a 98 discovery, and i see that this is the year that they changed styles from series I to II. what are teh major differences? i heard about bosch electronics in the newer models and something about drivetrain that wasnt carried over..? anyways, i attatched a picture of it, and i assume its the series I from the pic..
with 98k miles and 2" lift and rack is 9k dollars a good deal? i know theres more to it but i just want to se if its legit. thanks for any help and suggestions in what to look for when buying.
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Thanks- Still looking to buy

Thanks for all the input re the 98 Rover....finally signed up here after watching the posts via my brother- impreza martyetc.............. 6K- really? This guy originally wanted 10K 6k would appear inexpensive here but perhaps the rover is due for some problems? I will be getting mechanical update today..should the rover not work i will be releying on the ol subaru to get me through the thick and thin....
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