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Hola Everyone,

I am looking at a 1996 Discovery SE7 with 62,000 miles for $6,450. Something deep down tells me there is something wrong with that price for the car/mileage. Am I right? Or should I bring the guy cash tommorow?:)

Seriously though, Im interested in any advice on the car, things to look for, etc...


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Hola mattd:
Welcome to the forums.Probably Serg (our administrator) would move this thread to "Discovery".
It sounds like a good deal to go and grab it right away.BUT:
There are a couple things to look primero:
1.Look for coolant leaks, as that could mean gasket repairs.Not a cheap thing to do at the dealer, unless you can do it yourself.
2.Ask the dealer the truck is on if they can let you take it for a spin, so you can check how it shifts on the highway,(if it's an automatic), ,how it idles after a short run, and also if it overheats while idling at traffic lights.
3.Check for ABS, Brakes lights on, as these could represent either a brake service soon, or a new "abs ECU"(brake control computer) soon.
4.Look how it goes with the transfer case, you can even do that at the dealer lot.
If the truck has any of these, try as much as possible to deal/haggle with the dealer about any of the issues.As I posted in another topic: Let them know you're interested in the truck, BUT also let them know you're paying the money, (if it's cash better excuse for a better deal), and will walk away if your conditions are not "heard" or "considered".

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OH man..dude, i really hope that Rover is in good condition...i have a 96 Disco SE and i LOVE it! i got mine got $11000 with 90k on the miles but the engine is in perfect condition, it was never taken off road ( atleast until i got it..heehee) but i did have to replace the headliner, the humidity here in Miami, FL will do that to any car with cloth headliners. I also had to replace the cover that goes over the instrument cluster with the 8 buttons. I've had the car for 3 years now and with regular maintanence and joining this forum and askin around when i had probs, ive been able to keep the car runnin as if it were new. I actually getting ready for a 3000 mile road trip this later this summer, ill have pics to post up. Good luck with your Disco!

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Remember you are buying a Land Rover not a "car"

I purchase a 1971 Serie IIA X-MOD from a well knowed Vehicle/parts shop in Vermont U.S.A. for 10,000 US$ some 2 years ago and a 1995 Disco from a local fellow here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for 7,000 CAN$ with 165,000 Kilometer on the dial. In both cases I was and still very happy I purchased them.
Of course I ad to invest some time and pesos for repairs and ajustments, nothing to make me a poor man.
First: Try the vehicle, fully open windows near a wall. If you ear squeek, cronk, etc. investigate.
Second: With all the windows closed, no radio, listen, any noise, investigate.
Third: Look all over, oil spill, excess of oil or grease on the fire wall, under the oil pan, oily spot on transfer case, differential.
Fourth: ask question, get answer.
If you are satisfy, buy.
Then stay away from any dealers if you do not want to spend your paycheck on your new baby.
Keep seeking information by reading pass posting on this forum, if you do not see your answer then ask. Read any Land Rover related literature and magazines. Try to do as much as possible by yourself "mechanic wise" the rest ask around for the best mechanic shop that knows about Landy.
Remember they are special vehicle because they need tender loving CARE.

Good luck :clap:
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