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Buying a discovery

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Hi I'm new to this forum and currently looking for a disco; however, I'm a newbie to land rovers and do not exactly know the differences between the disco i and disco ii. Can somebody help point that out?

Also, what are the common issues/problems with the disco?( i know about the leaky roofs but that's about it... =( )

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I currently own two DIIs, one is a 2001 model and the other is a 2004.

I decided to sell my wife's Freelander last December while she was on holiday. We had been planing this and she was keen on a new Freelander (we never had any of the problems that other people seem to have)

Cut a long a long story short, a brand new Disco II here in Dubai is cheaper than the top of the range Freelander, plus we have 3 year service and warranty (100K Km)

Damn good motor and great off road
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