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Ill be doing a fly and drive for an 06 hse in a few days. The truck has 97,000 miles. Im VERY familiar with discoverys but this will be my first proper fullsize range. What are some things i need to look for? From what i gather in my research these range rovers have far fewer major problems compared my D2, am i right in thinking that?

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I owned a 2005 HSE for 18 Months... hands down best car I ever owned. It was a dealer maintained vehicle. I took it in to the dealer for a basic check up and they told me that it had been in and had all of the repairs. I will hopefully be picking up a 2006 Supercharged soon.

I recommend checking service records, If they don't have service records -> a Carfax report will often show when the vehicle was taken in for service.

Mainly you need to do the basics:
1. check for leaks, smells
2. check the suspension airbags for dry-rotting (not necessarily a sign of impending doom, mine had dry-rotting and I ended up having to replace 1 air shock after about 12 months (20k miles).
3. Left Rear of the cargo area (where all the electronics are) -> check to see if there is rust on the bolts or electronic housings. Mine had had some water in there, and the Amplifier for the MOST (fiber optic sound system) wasn't working. I was able to take it apart, spray it with contact cleaner and used on old toothbrush to clean the contacts -> fixed the problem and never had an issue again.
4. Check the windshield for rock chips (not a deal breaker, but if it has a rock-chip the heated windshield won't function properly) -> maybe a negotiating point
5. I did a lot of research on about common problems, it seems that they don't have much information on the 2006+ vehicles. Hopefully because they don't have as many issues.
6. Check for paint work or body damage. Paint work can be hard to spot,
-> Check the inside the door jambs and the edges of the doors, hood,
engine compartment, tailgate for paint lines (where they tape the car
up to protect it from overspray - when they remove the tape it leaves
an edge that can be felt when you run your finger over it).
-> Check all of the visible bolts that hold on body panels. If the paint on
or around them is chipped, it means that the panel has been taken off
(whether for painting, or for adjusting -> normally one wouldn't have to
adjust it unless it was bumped or painted).
7. The main thing is to drive it in varied conditions and pay close attention.
-> Note: Transmission shifts seem to be a bit funny when its cold, but
there should not be any slippage (normally it sounds like a squeal
during upshifts).
-> Drive over train tracks or uneven pavement and listen for rattles and
check for instability. My experience is that the Rover drives very much
like a 7 Series BMW or S-Class Mercedes. I cannot remember any
situation in which the vehicle suspension and chassis couldn't cope, and
I can't remember it ever feeling unsettled (except when I was driving
fast through the mountains, it doesn't like to be rushed).
8. It seems that coolant smells/leaks are fairly common -> carfax will often show how many times it was taken in for service for the cooling system, otherwise, maybe there are service records or the owner can tell you about it.
9. Also check the transmission pan. It uses the same ZF 6-Speed transmission as the E60,E65 BMW's --> I know on BMW's the transmission pan is made of plastic with a built in filter (I think Rovers' is the same). More specifically, on the BMW's the pan's tend to warp after a period of time and start to leak. The case on the BMW's is that the underbody covers (diapers) hold so much of fluid that by the time you actually see any fluid leaking underneath the car, your transmission has lost a majority of the fluid and will most likely need a new transmission. (I don't know if the rovers have this same sort of underbody cover).
>>End Edit

2006+ L322 Rovers had many updates so a lot of the common issues with the 2003-2005's have been addressed. The air compressor should be the newer style, the front driveshafts have been redesigned. Jaguar has been using the AJ engine since 1998, so many of the issues with the engine have been worked out already.

I hope this helps, Good Luck.

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Just saw this - did you buy? I've had an 06 and currently an 08 L322 HSE.

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Ok, so I am new here but its only because I recently purchased my first RR HSE (06). Im an avid Jaguar forum contributor though sold my last one 6 months ago. Anyway, Ive had mine since April with just one issue a right front axle. I am a specialty used car dealer (older classics) and a body shop owner. I purchased mine as a one owner new RR trade with 77K on it. As what was mentioned before I would also check (simple) the backup camera function. Try to get any information you can on the history of the vehicle just to make sure it was maintained. I think this is the biggest factor. If the vehicle has had 4-5 owners then its probably a problem child. I say go for it and enjoy.
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