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buying our first LR3. questions, advice

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we are considering a used LR3 and i want to see if there is anything specifically to look for option-wise or year wise? we have a place in the mountains with bad snow, dirt roads, ice, etc. i've had plenty of diesel trucks and 4runners, etc but this would be our first LR. from what i read 2007-2008 seems to be a decent year to get.

looking for good off road capabilities and reliability if that helps. used just because i'm cheap :)

thanks for any advice
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There are no notable changes throughout the model run and the years you're interested in. You would be better served getting a vehicle that had a complete maintenance history with it, back to day one. Not CarFox history, too general. A one owner would be nice, not 5 owners.

I purchased an '05 in 2012. It was a one owner and was sold by/serviced by the same LR dealership it's whole life. The original owner was the type that took it to the dealership for everything, even wipers, bulbs, and tires. I had every service page and knew everything about the vehicle before buying. It was flawless during our ownership - didn't need one single thing. We loved it and will have another one day.

Just do your research. Picking the wrong one can cost you thousands and be a nightmare in the long run. Choose carefully and do your research and you'll be rewarded with a wonderfully capable and reliable vehicle.

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