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Hello, newbie here.

I am considering purchasing an '08 RR HSE this week with 130k miles on it. From doing my fair share of reading on these I know the dangers that this comes with in terms of frequent and expensive repairs.

However, from what I've read I've noticed that the key to ownership of these vehicles is lifelong care and maintenance BEFORE anything goes wrong. Speaking to the current owner it does seem like he's good care of the car so far. According to him, as well as the carfax, he's replaced front air springs, cat converters, EGR valve, front control arms and put on a new windscreen, before any of these issues made the care undrivable. He also has had the oil changed at least twice a year. Without knowing if his word is any good, he does claim there's never been a breakdown or any serious problems despite putting all these miles on.

In terms of my own driving habits, I only plan to put about 5000 miles on the car each year as I won't need to drive it daily and usually short distances at that.

Lastly, I heard that the 08's Jaguar V8 4.4 is a big improvement over older models in terms of reliability . Any truth to that?

Assuming I can afford put aside $1000 a year as a rainy day repair fund, is this something I should go for?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

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I just purchased a 2006 HSE with 210,000 miles on the clock.

The truck was in awesome shape. Interior was almost perfect, body was 7/10 (paint on roof and hood had bad clear coat but no real dents anywhere)

ZERO leaks under the truck. I paid $4900 for it reasoning that it was very well taken care of.

I fixed a few vacuum leaks and replaced two oxygen sensors to get the CEL to go away. Spent about $400 in parts.

A month later the mechatronic started to go in the transmission and it would start to randomly go into N while driving down the road. Because the range switch is internal the whole mechatronic needed to be replaced. $2300 for a new unit or $5500 for a rebuilt transmission. I spent $2300 for the mechatronic unit and I'm crossing my fingers the 210,000 trans is in good shape.

The backup camera never worked and is $550 for the part when I want to spring for the money.

I put 8,000 miles on it and just dropped $850 on tires.

I went to start it the other day and the steering column went bad. $1000 repair if you replace it with a used one. I bypassed mine all together for free.

The rain sensor doesn't work so I have no intermittent wiper function to speak of and my auto headlights are funky. All I've been able to find are used sensors on ebay for $50-80 and I suspect I'll end up buying 4 or 5 to find one that works.

Brakes and rotors are around the corner $400-500

I'm sure there are more. All this to say in less than one year and 10,000 miles I've put roughly $4000 into repairs and I own a shop and do all my own work. I don't think you can buy ANY Rover and only put $1000 a year aside for repairs and maintenance. That's Honda Accord money. You need to be thinking $2000-3000 a year for any Euro vehicle IMO.

Good luck!
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