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Founder Callaway Cars Inc.
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I am the founder of Callaway Cars Inc, the engineering partner of Land Rover NA responsible for the 1999 Callaway HSE Limited Edition vehicles.

I am continuously updating the database on those 220 cars. No commercial goal here; only out of interest in our work from 20 years ago.
We can supply or confirm the serial production number of your Callaway.
If you have time to respond, my general request for registry info is:

first name:
last name:
email address:
street address:
zip code:
best phone:
vehicle: Callaway Limited Edition Range Rover 4.6 HSE
model year: 1999
series number. eg. XXX/220
interior color:
current miles:
comments: Any details of your ownership experience, funny stories, prior ownerhip, sold onward?
Anything you care to relate, really.
Photos of you and your Callaway are always appreciated.

Very Best Regards,
Reeves Callaway
[email protected]

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Wow, really cool that you would take an interest in your creation all these years later.

I've only ever seen one Callaway RR, it was in Manhattan on the upper east side a couple of years in Black or Grey. Don't know the owner or anything, just happened to notice it was a Callaway version.
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