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Camshaft Bearing Replacement

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I have a 2003 Disco with 305,000 miles and recently started knocking after she warmed up.
So I took the cylinder heads off, as I was getting a water leak on the backside and needed to replace the gasket.Inspected the rocker, lifters etc. and all seemed in good working order. So removed the oil pan and found a camshaft bearing split in two and folded over. So I have removed the camshaft, without removing the engine from the truck and found that the 4th bearing is gone. Not a mark the camshaft or lifters. Have ordered a new camshaft, bearings and lifters.

I need to install the new camshaft bearings. Does anyone have any advice or tricks to install them. I assume the crankshaft has to come out. Also the oil conduit to the 4th bearing may be clogged and how might I check for that?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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305K wow! I'm about to do a teardown. I've found a couple informative links. Good luck.
Do you have the rave manual? It's very helpful. If you're working on the camshaft you might want to check the main bearing and other major parts as well.

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