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Can a Disco II be towed with four wheels down?


We just purchased a motor home/coach and are looking for a tow vechicle. We'd like to tow a Discovery, however, we've received conflicting information. One dealer told us that the Discovery can be towed--you can take it out of the all-wheel or four wheel drive mode. Another dealer told us that they cannot be towed unless they're trailered because they can't be taken out of all-wheel or four wheel drive.

Does anyone know the real story?


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If you have a NEUTRAL position on your transfer case, you can select that, and then flat tow without disconnecting the prop shafts, but I wouldn't recommend it for longterm, regular towing. Any longterm, regular flat towing and you should disconnect the prop shafts, front, and rear, at the diffs. Kinda a major pain.

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I would say . DO NOT tow it with two wheels down on the ground and the other two wheels on 'trailer' .

I've seen to many car's and transmitions broken from that . My car was busted because someone towed it .

I've seen a subary legacy smoking and rear wheels turning at half the speed of what the truck was going at . the car was making horrific sound .

But there is a way to tow it .

You have to get those hitch things that attach to your stearing . so your disco will be on all 4 tires ( all 4 will rotate ) and that hitch will turn the front wheels as needed to make a turn . I've seen it b4 on the highway . Well it might not be attached to the stearing , cause I don't know how it really works , but I've seen it work .

I would do that insted of riscking center Diff. or the transfer case .
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