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can I reuse dash switches

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Hey all,

I am installing those aux lights in my 95 disoco bumper Can i use the radio switches on the dash that r usless now i have new radio in to power my lights ?? Running new power and just wanted to use what I had and keep stock.

thanks Eric
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don't think you can reuse the volumne buttons as there's no real on or off but i heard people getting the switches for the d2 and using them in it's place as they just slide right out.
take care
Dent is right. The radio volume switches are not on/off switches so are useless, however, the other dash buttons are, so if you want to use an on/off switch for aux use, just get another on/off switch and change out the volume switch/s. FWIW. I switch both my front/rear maxi-drives off switches that have replaced the radio volume ones.
You can buy the switch (with the headlight symbol on it) from Rovers North, and take out the blanking plug next to the fog light switch, it is a neat looking install when done. Be sure they sell you the four terminals too, it's a tight fit on the back of the switch.NONE of the radio buttons will work (unless you get fancy a and use relays in a latching circuit)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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