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Just bought a 2000 Range Rover less than 2 weeks ago. Broke the key for my 2000 Discovery so bought the Range Rover for something to drive while we deal with the Discovery key issue. Nightmare so far. Already had to replace the driver's door latch because I could not open door without alarm going off and it shut down the engine.

Mystery 1: Screen with odometer says SPEED LIMIT 20 and the car beeps every time I pass 20 on the spedometer.

Mystery 2: Today it literally just died on the road. I coasted to the construction median. Turned off radio and a/c and then car started fine but ABS and orange TC lights were on. When I turned off the car the screen with odometer said Traction Control failure and Gear Box Fault (I think it said fault but definitely said something about the Gear Box). When I started the car again those lights did not come on again.

Mystery 3: I can literally watch the gas gauge go down as I drive. It is using gas like crazy.

I have had it such a short time and it was at the dealer for the latch problem that I have not even had the oil and filters changed, etc.

Any advice about these problems? They seem serious.

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