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can't get her started help

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:mad: I have been having problems getting my 95 disco to start , it seem like the alarm locks the ignition. Is there any way to disconnect the immobilizer ?? any way to bypass it or anybody knows a good mechanic in Orlando???
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If you are talking the factory alarm, I believe the dealer is your only hope, I believe it has to be done with the test book.
Mike J.
its intermitent it comes and goes , i couldn't get her started last night and then this morning it started like nothing was wrong . Then it left me hanging again , i got power but its not turning at all???
Iceman, are you having problems turning the key to the 2 position? Or can you get it into 2 and nothing happens?
i get to 2 and nothing happens, sometimes i open and close the doors and it works?
seems like you're having same problems as i had. try to start it, nothing. try again, nothing , does not even turn over or the clicking sound when battery is about dead. open door, close door nothing, turn on alarm, turn off alarm, nothing, turn on alarm, turn off alarm and starts no problem. sound familiar?
i've done nothing to it and the problem seemed to have disappeared. though i did replace fuel pump as it was about toast and since then problem has not come back. don't know what the fuel pump has anything to do with it....
i know it doesn't help but want to let you know you're not alone
take care
thanks chief at least another thing for me to look at..
First of all, does a 95 D1 come with some sort of kill switch for the ignition? My 95 and my 96 do not have it. My 88 RR had it but it was an aftermarket feature.

Could it be the inertia switch?
not sure dude i had the 95 disco for about 4 months now , the problem comes and goes i had to take her before to the dealer to get the radio code. call them today and they havent heard of any problems like that , they want me to leave her for couple of weeks so they can check???
yeh i kinda have a problem like that but mine is the friggen windows...turn on the key and the window goes down sometimes...turn off the key and the window goes down sometimes...gah stupid alarm, i have to cycle the key to reset the alarm before i can get the window to go up.
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