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Any thoughts suggestions would be appreciated.
2003 Disco II Auto trans (Z4? model number?)
I can't not get the Transmission gear selector to shift into 1st gear.

I do not have any problems while driving/shifting through gears in D under normal use. I select D and go without any issues.
However, if I attempt to but the auto gear selector in 1st gear it will not go. I have attempted shifting while not moving and rolling 1- 5 mphs.
I have tried selecting Sport Mode, in Low gear (Transfer case) All without success.
I have tested all other positions and they all work just fine, smooth shifts.

At this point I think either there is some really strange Rover feature/issue (such as the key has to be out of ignition before I can open gas cap) OR and most likely there is an issue with my Tranny.

Ideas? Suggestions, is there a tip or trick to the Rover I don't know?
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