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I have a Solex on my S1 2.25, and although I have never done really serious off-roading, have never had a problem with the float.
If the float is being 'flipped upwards' it would stop fuel coming into the carb, but I fail to see how air would then be down at the filter/sediment bowl.

What I have previously had problems with, is muck bypassing the sediment bowl and blocking the float valve. When off-roading, or after a long time off the road it is likely that muck has been shaken/stirred in the tank. Fit a cheap plastic fuel filter somewhere near the tank to make sure this isn't the problem.

Also, if there is petrol leaking out of the gaskets then that may well be the biggest problem. I find that the Solex is much more responsive than Dad's 2A with Weber, but any good carb will be better than a worn one!
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