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So, about 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed a whine coming from my truck when driving. Most noticeable under light acceleration(seemed to get a little quieter when pushing the pedal down further), and if I backed off the throttle to where I was just maintaining speed on a level or downhill, I would get this really horrible rattling. Anyways, I pulled the rear differential apart to check it out, and everything looked fine. Fluid was a little watery, so I changed it out, and put it back together.

Fast forward to last night: I'm driving home from work late, and I decide to lock the center differential to see what happens, or if it will affect the noise at all. I lock it going 10MPH on a downhill about 3 blocks from my house. Whine got a little louder, and the rattle did too. I went to unlock it, but it decided it didn't want to(lever moved, light stayed on, common on my truck, I just have to go in reverse a bit). I pulled onto my circle, and when I went to turn around at the top, something grenaded. Truck came to a complete halt, loud(I mean LOUD! Woke up the entire circle) metallic BANG, and the truck moved about 4 inches. Put it in reverse, straightened out the wheels, and backed up, put it in first, let the clutch out, and it moved down the hill making terrible banging and slamming and grinding noises. I tried to move it today, reverse is fine, but in first, as soon as I start hitting the gas, it makes all these terrible noises again.

I'm pretty sure I blew up my center differential. Did I blow up my center differential?

What vehicles can I get a center differential from? Any D1? D1/D2? RRC? Does it have to come from a 5-speed truck? Or are Autos okay too?

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Definitely blown. if it's a daily driver, you could gutt the pumpkin, disconnect the drive shaft to that axle until you find another..
If you live on paved road, even if it was not broken, it may have popped under stress while turning into your circle. The locking diff is only intended for loose conditions...too much torque on tiny pieces.

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