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So I have this deal. I replaced the fuel pump about a year ago and then the CEL came on and I had a code read about the voltage to the pump. Didn't worry about it since it was working and that was the only one. I did just do the replace the pump itself, not the whole shebang.

Fast forward to now.

I still have the light on and at the emissions it passes but the machine won't pass it since the light is on. Well now when you read codes there are none.

I spoke to a guy who thinks there is maybe a wiring problem that is actually the problem, bad connection or something, that caused the pump to go out.

So I just need to get this figured out before the end of the month to keep registered. Anybody know anything that might help. Relay? test I can do.

This is on a 97 D1.

Thanks in advance.

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First, get the actual fault code number if you want some help.
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