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Since I've owned my 2000 Series 2 SE-7 I have noticed a slight delay when using the key to unlock all of the doors, particularly the rear driver side door. I have also noticed that the range on the unit is minimal, with me sometimes having to stand directly beside the vehicle for them to activate.

But yesterday I ran into a new problem entirely. I went to unlock the doors to get into the trunk area but, despite the door being unlocked, the handle would not pull the door open. It seemed stuck. Agitated, I went to the rear driver side door to climb back there and see what was going on but that door too was unlocked, but would not open. The rest of the doors on the vehicle were fine.

I went around the truck, climbed in the back and tried the inside handle on the door to the trunk area several times but to no avail. It was unlocked, and if I depressed the lock and pulled the handle again the lock came up as it should, but the door still didn't open.

I stared at the truck for a few minutes, willing it to open, and then I tried locking all of the doors, waiting, and then unlocked all of them again. This time it worked, on both of the frozen doors.

Does anyone have any similiar stories? If you do, what were your fix-actions? I am still under a certified warranty and will be looking into this to see if I can have the central locking system replaced if the problem persists.

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I can tell you its the door handle on the rear cargo door that is stuck. Very common. Just get some wd 40 and spray it. If it gets really annoying just order a new one.

anyway the rear left latch could be the latch messed up.

try some oil there as well. if not you need to pull the door panel off and pull the door channel up and out of the way to get the latch out.

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Door Lock Problem

You may have two problems, one I would suggest you replace the remote battery especially if they haven't been changed in awhile.
As for the door lock problem, I believe you will find you have one or two weak door lock actuators. My bet would be the drivers door lock 1st.
Good luck,
Mike J.
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