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I have changed my 2001 Disco SE7's automatic transmission oil (with Dexron III), but I am not certain if I managed to get enough back into the system. I managed to get 4 quarts (US) and 600ml into the transmission.
Question to the folks that have done this before: Is that enough ?

My procedure was:
1. Drain oil through the drain plug.
2. Open filler plug (8mm allen key) at front side of auto tranmission sump.
3. Managed to add 2 quarts without problems - started "overfilling" then.
4. Started the engine, idling along (gear selection in P), managed to add more ATF.
5. With brake pressed, ran through the gear selection, P-R-N-D-3-2-1 and back a few times (wife, the helper did that), while I managed to get more in through the filler plug until the fluid came out of the filler hole.
6. Close the filler plug.

Steps 4 and 5 were done twice.

Any replies are much appreciated.
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