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Check engine light issues

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I purchased an 03 Disco SE7 that had sat for a couple of years with a blown head gasket at #5 cylinder. I did both heads and replaced the lifters etc. It sounds and runs great except for intermittent misfire codes on cylinders 3 & 5 and sometimes a random misfire code. I thought it may be sticky injectors after sitting for so long with old gas in it and put Sea Foam additive in 2 consecutive tanks of gas, but this has not helped. Any suggestions??
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Spark plugs and wires?

If they haven't been done, do em... sitting that long definitely didn't help their aging. That number 5 spark plug could be funked up from the head gasket problem.
Plugs and wires are new. Forgot to mention that.
Also didn't mention that it only seems to run a bit rough and trigger the CEL when the engine is at idle. Usually when stopped at a traffic light or when waiting for traffic so I can make a turn.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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