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check engine light?

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what scanner do i need ? odb ll?
got a 93 rr lwb
please some help me....
leaving for a long road trip :drive: soon...
i.e. monday
please help me :eek: :dunno: :bawling:
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How about Code 45...

Mine's displaying Code 45. This is what I found:

Code 45 - Lambda sensor B - right bank
If one of these fault codes (#44 or #45) is displayed check the wiring to that particular lambda sensor. In addition this fault will be displayed if the vehicle has a condition which causes it to run very lean or very rich on one side (example - a vacuum leak or a bad injector). This code often appears in conjunction with the misfire codes in cases of bad ignition misfire (cross-firing plug wires)
If both codes are displayed, the voltage supply to the heater coils of the sensors must be checked. Check for 12V appearing on the O2 signal lead, and check the heater circuit for shorts.

Any advice on the best way to go about TS this? Anyone else have experience with this?
Thanks for the link. Great site and information. Just purchased the same O2 sensors. Hope it works and it isn't a vacuum leak.
Well, the O2 sensors cleared the code! Whoo-hoo! Optest sat for about 5 miles, now I have code 19 showing up. So, where can I find descriptions of tests 17, 18, and 19 of the continuity test procedure? I like the repair manual, just find it difficult to navigate. I really don't want to just go out and replace the air flow meter or potenitiometer if I don't have to.

1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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