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check engine light?

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what scanner do i need ? odb ll?
got a 93 rr lwb
please some help me....
leaving for a long road trip :drive: soon...
i.e. monday
please help me :eek: :dunno: :bawling:
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it says 48 thats all.
is there any ting else that i am missing?
i donno

hey thanks for that . but just want to know how much time will it take to get it fixed ?
Andis it ok if i drive the rangie in this condition for about 800 miles?
so here goes ..
well i removed and cleaned the throttle body put it back on also used throttle body cleaner and wiped it off.well it all looks clean.
now i had to clear the code for which i went to the passenger side and followed the directions given to clear the codes at
and guess what ?
The fans come on..and code 02 came up too

Code 02 - Power interruption
This code means power to the ECU has been disconnected and the truck has not yet been started. This code should go away as soon as the vehicle is started for the first time. Appearance of this code while driving may signal a problem within the ECU.
The code got cleared as soon as i started the truck. but the fans stayed on

the check engine light has gone but the fans wont stop now
not even if i remove the keys from the ignition..
so i had to go ahead and disconnect the fuses and they are quiet for now..
so any know how to get them back to normal now?
all have been a great help especially okierover
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they dont go off at all

well i waited for about 5 mins before i pulled out the fuses .but the problem is that the car was not even started. the motor was ice cold the temp guage was all the way to the left.. so i donno what to do.
worked out great
unplugged all the relays below the passanger seat and then put them back in and then put in the fuse for the fans
they did not come on.. and now they run only when the engine is hot.
thanks guys
for all the help
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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