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check engine light?

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what scanner do i need ? odb ll?
got a 93 rr lwb
please some help me....
leaving for a long road trip :drive: soon...
i.e. monday
please help me :eek: :dunno: :bawling:
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Perhaps disconnect battery and turn ignition key on, wait ? seconds, turn off ignition, and reconnect battery. This may reset ECU. Doubt it will work.

Look at schematic (mine has it in owners manual) to see if a fan relay is controlled by ECU. It may be related to something else moved under seat while working there. Meaure voltage going into relay.

I have had ABS pump relay stick "on".

My 1991 doesn't have fans (on radiator?).
James, I just did my 02 sensors on 1991 Range Rover with 173K. I posted the project on this site I believe.

My sensors were probably not working for at least 70K miles. No "check engine" light. When I removed the connectors to the sensors the light did go on, and back off when reconnected. Must be checking heater circuit.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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