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Please someone help me!!!
Just got the Disco out of the shop last Wednesday due mis-fire of the engine. All the ignition wires were changed. Now tonight on my drive home the SAME THING HAS HAPPENED. Check engine light on again.
Should I bring the truck back to the same shop? Did they miss something?

I don't want to give up my Discovery...but having it in the shop this frequently is making me crazy! :bawling:



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Go to autozone!!!! see what shows up and have them clear it if it is nothing..
They check it for free there!!

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Don't despair - very few used LR owners have the pleasure of avoiding this "break in" period, and you're definitely not one of the few. Hopefully, those lights in your dash won't develop into anything major.

If you can tough it through these first few issues and learn a bit about your vehicle, the Disco will respond in kind. It just takes some patience...

Good luck!
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