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I have a 1990 RRC with 16x7 OEM wheels. I plan to purchase a set of 16x8 steelies. Found some but there are different options for backspacing. Can someone check my math and understanding of how to calculate the before/after stance of the vehicle?

I found somewhere that backspacing for the OEM 16x7 wheels for the RRC is +33. The 16x8 wheels I am looking at come in 0, -20 or -35. If I understand correctly, 0 moves each wheel out by 33mm, -20 moves each wheel out by 53mm and -35 moves each wheel out by 68mm. Correct?

Going from a 16x7 to 16x8 will push the outer edge of the wheel out by .5"? Or? How does the extra inch of wheel width translate to the outside edge of the wheel?

I am leaning towards the -20 which by my understanding of back spacing would push the outer lip of each wheel out about 2.5" over stock. Is that correct? Would the -35 offset look crazy on a RRC?

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