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Drove the 2004 D2 to work today. Turned it on and it was idling not rough, but certainly not normal and kind of had a shimmy to it as I watched it. Drove fine on the road at speed, but while idling I could tell something was awry. Drove the 40 miles (somehow managing to burn 1/4 tank of gas) to work and popped the hood while it was idling. Definitely could hear an air sucking sound coming from the top of the passenger side of the engine. Sounds a lot like what I think a vacuum leak would sound like. Drove it home tonight and just put my harmonizer vacuum guage (digital bmw motorcycle throttle body sync, has gauge function too) on the nipple on the upper plenum. At idle, 660 rpm, I was drawing 3". Yes, just 3". When I started the engine, it was at 2" right away and then after about 30 seconds it creeped up to 3" and stayed there with no fluctuation. This seems very very low to me. What specifically should I be looking at to track down this leak? I don't have a smoke tester but I do have everything else (no test book so don't ask). Also I threw a p1174 code, which I believe is unrelated. Im due for new front o2's and I think my passenger side one it taking a dump currently.
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