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I have a 1962 Land Rover Series IIa 88 Station Wagon. I bought it cheap on ebay because I love the looks and plan on using it around town and in the snow. No real off-roading. It does not run and would need a full rebuild (engine/gearbox/axles/etc). I'm toying with the idea of using the body only on a somewhat more pedestrian frame. The only thing that comes close to be short enough for an 88 seem to be the Chevy Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick. At 86.6", it's only 1.4" difference in length and .8" difference in width.

So... what do you think about a Tracker with a Land Rover IIa body? What are my challenges besides rearranging body mounts and modifying the shifters/dash/pedals? Anybody out there familiar with the Tracker/Sidekick/Vitara? Is the Tracker capable of carrying the landy body?... Can I keep the breakfast where it is?

This would solve the whole top speed issue (although I don't intend to go faster than 65). I would get the auto, so no need to shift a gearbox without syncros. It should be much cheaper than rebuilding the whole drivetrain. It'll be a lot easier to find a shop to work on it. Can't find anyone out there that has tried it... not sure why.

Thanks for your input.
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