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my classic has a clonk when i first pull away after the car has been left to 'settle' either over night or any length of time- shopping etc, once im moving i can start and stop without it clonking its like its the first 'pull away' from 'cold' that seems to make it happen, there are no other symptoms, Ive wobbled the a frame ball joint which can seem to cause it doesnt look or feel to have much play any other ideas e.g brake caliper possibly freezing etc or can it still be this ball joint. it is coming from the back end somewhere

many thanks


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Could be just the drive train taking up the slack!
but check the condition of the rear radius arm bushes(the 2 round ones that attach the rear axle to the chassis further forward,these bushes can wear there are 2 on each side at the chassis end (big round ones)and one at the axle end with a bolt through it.

Check these first by getting good hold on the radius arm and try to rotate it it there is any play the bush (axle end) will need replacing.
To check if its the big round bushes at the chassis end get someone to drive the vechicle back and forth for a few feet in each direction if the axle moves sharply before the vehicle moves it will indicate that the big bushes are worn.
However this will also point to the A frame bushes and balljoint which is a very common problem causing clunks the A frame bushes can be in a terrible state.

If any of the above are evident I would recommend replacing all the bushes on the vehicle not a particularly big job but can transform a Rangie I would replace the old rubber bushes with a good polybush set available for around £100 also fit new bolts in the bushes as they will be worn too,also avoid polybush sets with stainless inserts these will wear the new bolts at an alarming rate due to the stainless being harder than the steel bolts.

Cheers ONz
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