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clicking going over bumps

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When i go over a bump and the truck moves side to side there is a clicking/clunking noise, but not when i got over it pefectly straight and hot when i'm driving. I dont think it is the axel or something like because there is no noise when turning or anything, i looked under the car and all the rods and bushing seems to look good. Im thinking it might be a Sway bar linkage but i looked at those and they all seem fine, or maybe a shock? but then why wount it only do it when the truck is moving side to side and not up and down..

Any imput?
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Try drinking a lot of water and trying the same excersise. That clunking you are hearing is just your brain clamering about in that big thick skull of yours. It must be in need of more water.

Also, try eating dry packs of jello. It will disolve and mix to make a quiet cushion in your skull.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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