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Clunk, clunk and some more Clunk

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Hi All

I was once told, buy a series 3 and you have bought yourself a hobby. Not only that, having a series 3 has improved my deductive reasoning. When that fails, its time to hit the forum. :dunno:

The following happens to me. My 109 in wet weather and only when going around sharp corners (90 degrees), makes the most aweful clunking noise. I reackon its the springs, or bushes as the clunk's vibration travels right up to my seat. It appears to be coming from the front. It might also be the steering damper?

Confirmation of my suspicions would be great! :drink1:


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I had a similar issue after replacing the front dumb-irons. The new dumb-irons had too wide a space between the spring bolt holes, allowing the spring and bush to slide laterally on the spring bolt. Tightening the spring bolt ans nut until the gap was closed did the trick, even though it did mean that the "verticals" on the spring mounts were no longer parallel.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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