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Just FYI for anyone who may run into this problem. (Please excuse my ignorance of all things mechanical as well as I write this post).

My husband was stuck on the side of a mountain last night in his 04 LR Discovery II. Wouldn't start initially. Showing code P1668. He climbed the mountain a bit to get reception and called me to look it up from home. Showing alarm system. I looked through what I could find and saw lots of info about the BCU possibly being bad - not good when you're stuck where fed ex can't reach you. Ran through reset procedure with position II on the ignition and unlocking with the key fob and still nothing. Did see a post about checking the intertia switch 10A fuse in the engine compartment fuse box. Replaced it with a 15 and they were good to go for a short time until it blew again. Went through several fuses repeating this process until they had to abandon her at 11:00pm and hike down the mountain about 7 miles. Went back this morning and discovered a frayed wire. It looks like when the previous owner installed the after market stereo they moved part of the wiring harness and over time it became frayed.

In short, it's probably something all of you seasoned mechanics would spot but I wanted to put the info out there in case someone else runs across this problem.

(Still keeping my fingers crossed though as he still has to travel 200+ miles in it to get home)
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