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Colorado Group

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I was wondering who would be interested in getting a group together here in CO? I know i have sundays off......Any ideas? high up is getting bad..... I'm in CO Springs...
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Yeah high up is getting very bad,,,Spring Creek was trecherous above about 8k on Sat. Had to back down an ice-covered shelf-road,,,,

I haven't been to CORE yet but I'm planning on getting a group together some time in November. I have at least 4 rigs that want to attend from Solihull, perhaps we'll pick up some more. I'll post details well in advance to give everyone notice. You can google Colorado Offorad Extreme for details. It's $20 per rig/driver + $5 per add'l passenger. Should be fine even if we have some snow. We're looking at mid to late November.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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