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'93 White LWB, 235/85R16, 2" OME, Bottorf bumper,
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...But first, what is the proper way to refer to a 2005 Range Rover? The one I'm looking at I think is badged HSE, and has a Lux package.

I've posted MANY times here for my '93 LWB, but now I really looked closely at a 2005 for sale I found, and I'd first to know if the air suspension is as problematic as on my Classic, which was swapped loooong ago for OME springs and Bilsteins. Do 2005-ish owners typically do the same with their air systems, or have they sorted out the bugs by 2005?

Engine relatively problem-free? 5-sp tranny? I've dealt with MANY issues on my Classic, so I know what the "experience" is all about, but MAN, that 2005 looks PLUSH, and the prices are dirt cheap.

Does anyone actually off-road their 2005-ish RR's? I don't think I've ever seen one with All-Terrain tires.
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