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I thoguht I'd post another 04' conversion I completed :rolleyes: I replaced the rear tail lamps which meant rewiring a bit... There is absolutely NO cutting involved in this conversion except wires

You could see in the pictures that I had to remove the old connectors in order to rewire the new lamps. I ordered new connectors from (part number 70404) They do not sell direct, but have vendors listed on the site.

After I cut and stipped the wires I soldered them to the new connectors and snapped them into the watertight housing.

The rewiring was pretty straight forward, you just need to swap out the wiring for the reverse and turn signals. The 04' lamps have the turn signals located on the upper lense and the reverse on the bumper lense. Just simply swap the wires.

Here's the new wiring:
Green/Brown (reverse) = Green/Red (turn signal)
Green/Red (turn signal) = Green/Brown (reverse) = Yellow (turn signal)
This is where you swap the turn signal from the lower bumper to the upper lamp
Green/Purple (brake) = White
Black (-) = Brown
Red/Black (Tail) = Blue

:drink1: more to come :drink1:
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