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Well, I have another coolant leak. This time, it doesn't look like it is in too friendly of a location.

After getting the engine warm and then stopping, I can see a small amount of coolant and air hissing up around the seal where the arrow is pointing. So the source is sort of obvious. But, what exactly am I looking at and how hard is it too fix. I have a feeling i know the answers here, I just don't want the bad news.

Thanks for any help.

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The seal must be bad between the front cover and the block or the bolts are loose. There are two galley from the water pump front cover to the block. Is there coolant in your oil?

I would first check all the bolts are tight and not loose on the front cover. If its loose the front cover might make a small gap between the cover and block causing the leak. Tighten the bolt and if it goes away, lucky you.

If not, To repair this you will need to remove the belts, front crank pulley, remove water pump pulley (optional), remove all the bolts on the front cover along with water pump, remove oil pan, disconnect the oil pressure line. Then the front cover should be able to slide off.

Replace the gasket, by first scraping off the old gasket and clean up the surface. At this time I would also check the timing chain for wear. If there is wear, change the chain and sprocket. I would also change the front crank pulley seal as its a cheap part and good precaution.

Good luck
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