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Hey Gents.
We have a coolant leak from a hose at the top of the engine. The weird part is that the hose is actually two hoses with a grey plastic insert connecting them. Why is this there? That is where the system failed, but I don't know if that piece had something else connected to it since I can't find any pictures.
I am attaching pictures so you can see what I am talking about. Thanks in advance for the help!



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That is the plastic tee bleed valve that is a very very common failure. I have no idea what brilliant engineers decided to make it out of plastic, but others have also replaced it with a brass straight through connector. I personally would not do this, just because I went through the bleeding process with a straight through connector and it was a huge PITA. If anybody finds a source for a brass tee that could be used as a bleed valve, please let everybody know! :)
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