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Started up the 99 yesterday and let idle for a while to melt the ice off the windshield. Noticed a burnt smell. Looked under the hood and noticed the coolant was low. Look under the truck and there was a small coolant spot under the passenger side bumber.

Just a little history, last year, at exactly this time, I had a coolant leak from my front cover seal. The only way I could find where the leak was coming from was to take the truck to a shop and have it pressure tested. Well, I repaired the front cover leak and did a bunch of other rebuild and repair work while I was in there. Great experience and learned a lot.

Now something is leaking again. I know it could be a lot of things including a bad hose, loose hose clamp, water pump seal, front cover seal, loose water pump for cover bolts, etc. I can check the hoses, no big deal. After that, it's kind of hard to find where the leak is coming from. Even taking off the fan does not provide a lot of view.

So, short of taking the truck to the shop for a pressure test, what would you guys recoment as the best method/process of going through and checking the system looking for this leak especially if it is not obvious?

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